Subject: Welcome Message for E-FMS
by kqmarasigan Friday, 04/3/16 07:30:49


To the new and improved E-Filing and Monitoring System

for Illegal Logging Cases (E-FMS)

    The E-FMS no longer requires Silverlight to function, and can be accessed through any search engine such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. It can even be accessed using your mobile devices such as iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, iPhone, Galaxy Smart Phones, and others.

  • New features of the E-FMS include this new Homepage with Announcements and Messaging System where you can send messages directly to the Administrator (jpmsaludo or canvispo) and vice-versa.
  • Also, uploading of pictures and documents is now much faster and easier.
  • Begin recording your apprehension, seizure and confiscation cases by clicking the "LOG IN" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then enter your username and password and then click the  "APPREHENSION" or "SEIZURE" found at the upper left part of the screen.
  • In case you forgot your password and you cannot log in, contact the  System Administrator: VOIP: (02) 929 7327 loc. 1084 or Direct line: (02) 928 7327 or Assistant to the System Administrator: VOIP: (02) 929 7327 loc. 1079 or Direct line: (02) 928 7861.

  • To further expand the database, please begin uploading your apprehension, seizure and confiscation cases from 01 January 2010 up to 31 December 2013, starting today until 30 April 2016.


 ASec. Daniel Nicer, Anti-Corruption

Apprehension Case Occurence By Region from 01/01/2010 to 10/19/2021 2:36:54 PM
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